Howdy Folks. 

I drove on the streets of Sydney for the last two days, people are driving like they're anxious. 

No kidding, I think I saw potential accidents, fast driving, reckless behaviour beyond any normal stuff I see. If accident stats back this up in a while, well, I'll cite a source to confirm my suspicions :-)

As someone who knows the country of Anxiety like a stone age hunter, I can recognise the signs.

Breathe in, breathe out.

One day, some years ago, I drove along Enmore road, or somewhere like it. I had enough on my mind to feel preoccupied.

 I saw a rainbow over the semi industrial buildings, in the rain.

We lost Leonard Cohen this week too, amongst the other tumult of the times. I like to think he'd appreciate the sentiment in this song.

The stormcellar is a place of safety in a time of danger. Come down and join us, we'll give you shelter from the storm.