We crossed the mountains this weekend, heading from the anxiety of the 24 hour media cycle to the safe embrace of the plains of western New South Wales.

There are many benefits to what we do. Being surrounded by this landscape is one of them. Come with us for a moment





Spring has brought so much green to the land. We bathed in it. As we reached the grasslands it turned to gold, like the summer hiding just below the surface.

 We arrived to find that the Mudflappers had volunteered to do a set before us. Thanks Josh, Mark and Justin.

Jo was with us this weekend, that always makes us happy :-) 

Dubbo's one of the last large towns before you head for the great dry heart of the country. At 3am as we sat on the verandah of the pub, the last song the jukebox played was Flame Trees. In one way, we were in an Australia almost untouched by world events. A refuge within a refuge, so to speak.


Also shout outs to our mates Steve, Jackson and Sal, we listened to their bands CD's. Might I say Sal, frickin bravo, great work.

Thanks to Tony, the Mudflappers, Ryan and the folks who spent the evening with us. Also to Rosie for above and beyond in getting our logistical act together.

Gig this week at Frankies Pizza Thursday :-)