Firstly, shout outs to Al at WQLN in Pennsylvania, Russell at KVMR in Nevada City for spinning our stuff! Cheers!

By the way, dear mates from the states, why do you constantly use the same names for cities and states as other cities and states?? It's very confusing and once caused me to book the wrong hotel room. Stop that immediately and start using rational Australian suburb names like wooloomooloo.

And Coogee.

And Burrumbuttock.



or Goonoo Goonoo - I think we've been there

Anyway...Mixing Continues in Indy.

AJ returned from chasing Mythical Turkeys and reacted with some bemusement to finding mixes containing Eli's added Rock Backing Vocals in his inbox.

I believe the first response was ' whaaa?'


I like it. It may not make it into the mix, but I like it. 

That said, we're now into FINAL MIXING.


In our Pirate Ship of a band, each Pirate has cast their ballot on Song Order, Mixes & Fixes and now it's just about done.

Except for art.

And pressing.

And distribution.

and promotion.



We have a bunch of really interesting things to do over the next few months, and it's all pretty stress free.

You know, right now, that taking a moment out of the absolutely 24/7 coverage of Crazy, is vital to your wellbeing.

Your friends in the stormcellar will be doing very chill things, and talking about them here, for the next while, on purpose.

Fixing the world is hard. Maybe it starts with helping yourself to a little downtime. Go watch that video below with all the cloud pics....ahhh.