Dion W, our friend who helps us make videos once famously said 'it's show business darling'

I've been watching the social media stuff with interest for some time. Touted as the way for Bands to reach their Audience.

Let's see, which one shall we invest our efforts in?

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It seems reasonable to act in accord with what your learning leads you to.

If your physics does not describe the universe as you interact with it, check your math.

If your bucket does not hold water, get a new bucket. 

Like what we do? Think it has utility in your universe? Has a useful function? Makes you feel better? Does something useful?

Don't 'Like' Us.

Pay us.

Buy a Download, pay for a stream, come to a gig, buy a CD, give me a Dollar.

That's all I got to say on social media.


Pay Us Money Cos U Like Us