As we work on our latest thing, we're grateful for the help and input from our cellar dwellers and mentors. Thank you to Michael L, Pete D, Monte C, Jim C and Mick C and Peter JL for being our influences.

I spent the afternoon taking notes from Jim as we finalise the mix.

This is the best bit. You're at the point where the right tweak, the right change, the right texture, can make it 'just so'.

It's also the bit where you can over salt it or have Souffloppe, to borrow another kitchen metaphor.



In the instrumental element of SC10 - Safe Habour (gotta start using the name) there's nowhere to hide.

I got a bit conservative on the Bowed Bass. It's a fine line.

Boy are we fussy. By we I mean me. and us. also the everyone. Everyone here is fussy. 

So close.