Thanks to Mr Hawke for joining us today, a long rehearsal as we start the work towards The Thing that we're doing.

That I haven't exactly mentioned.

That I may or may not mention. Depending.

I'm still of the opinion, the less you say, the more you know.

We try a lot of different stuff. Some of it involves Face Planting.


That's why it's safer to talk about it afterwards.

We're working towards Some Things we're interested in. Late last year we were well into planning and brain-storming, but I didn't mention it, cos, well, I dunno.

I'm still a little reticent to say more than: there are some things we'd like to do, because they'll be worthwhile in the doing.

Today we made a great start. It's a big effort to master a catalogue of demanding material.

Some choice sonic moments today. As a multi-instrumentalist, Mr Hawke brought Sax, Flute, Guitar and Mandolin into the system today, filling out the sound.

Our first test is this weekend.

Then, brick upon brick, we work towards a show we'd like to do.

This year bodes well for contentment. There's no hurry, no rush, plenty of stuff to try; some might work. As it has ever been with us.

The joy is in the attempt. 

Follow along when you feel, come along when it suits.