Howdy Folks.

It's a cold wet week in Sydney and everyone is trading various strains of Cold & Flu. How wonderful.

Luckily we spend so much time together we all got and got over the same things at the same time :-)

Jo made the six hour journey yesterday to come into the studio and add harmonies and backing vocals to 'Nobody Knows Better'. Thanks to Geoff for doing the engineering.


Mr Worsey then made a special trip in to help us mix the final 3 songs for SC8



We can only do what we do thanks to the support and kindness shown to us by so many people. We are greatly fortunate indeed.

I'm also completely stoked about the re-recorded songs that Ben did for us. What a difference.

So now what?

We still have EFLH in the marketplace, what's with 'another' album?



I guess I shouldn't mention that we're off to record the ninth album in a few weeks :-)

Ok. Mastering, art, more stuff. Let's keep working!