Hello dear reader. If this is your first time here, it's probably because we're doing pre-tour marketing and it's worked. Or you saw us. Or you need a hole in the ground with a lid on it. We're a 'Speculative' Stormcellar, if you will. For actual stormcellars for weather protection may we suggest google, or under an overpass.

If the messaging doesn't make sense it's because you missed the first few eps. Go on, read the blogs, it only goes back to 2008. Ok, no don't do that. Just jump on in.

So...for those 'cellar dwellers who are up to date.


We'd like to thank all the people who helped us to complete this album.

On the quarterdeck this morning, and at the request of the Quartermaster, a toast was raised to our Comrades Abroad.

The crew of the Stormcellar extend their compliments to Mssr's Gilbert, Cox(s), Bellamy, Groove, Teamer, Simmons & Holmes & Gilley.

From which point a tot of rum was distributed and their heath toasted.

A second tot of rum was issued to ensure our appreciation was properly noted.

The third tot of rum was on account of Medicinal Requirements.

An additional rum with cocoa-nut milk and or an umbrella was offered, plus some light snacks.

The  lūʻau is scheduled for after todays engagement down south

Three cheers were offered and the colours hoist.

Hurrah me lads!


NOTE: Rum, pirates, ship etc were purely metaphorical liberties taken for the purposes of self amusement.

That is all.

Over the side! ARRR!!!