Happy IBMD.

Yesterday we released a very limited edition of hand made copies of SC8, catalogue number sc1601 'Kansas City Gold'.


Thank you to all those people who bought a copy, you're helping to fund making copies for the Kansas City artists, it's much appreciated.

If you didn't get your copy, well, sorry about that. Some things really are rare. Wait a few weeks and get it online.

I for one am glad to see the project complete. It's been, and to a degree, continues to be, a contentious project. Brother Bill thinks that's as it should be. I'd be OK with smooth sailing m'self, but Bill feels like you should 'live the blues to make the blues'.

Hell no.


I've tried to balance many competing viewpoints on this one. Sometimes successfully. Other times, well...perhaps it was best understood by those who formed crews to go after a prize, knowing that each was in their own way, their own master


The best ye may be

from the aft

to the fore

is Captain at sea

and Quartermaster ashore.


Right. So where was I.

Oh yeah.

Cheers to all the folks who supported the WBC at Corrimal yesterday. Good crowd, good players. Good vibe.

There was a great deal of love in the place yesterday, which was good. 

We all got so enthusiastic we forgot that as it's an RSL, at 6'oclock, we stop to remember.

As Bill was saying, after all these years of being trained to play through anything, you don't generally stop unless you know why you're stopping.

Also, after years of playing in RSL's, how could we have forgotten that at 6pm you stop for the Ode of remembrance?

Someone was waving frantically at me from stage and I couldn't work out what was going wrong, it all kind of disintegrated into Chaos for a moment until the Penny Dropped. Ah. Theo looked Daggers at me for a moment when I tried to get him to cut, until he worked out I wasn't being obnoxious, just trying to stop before the Ode came on...

We all turned to face the west, they dimmed the lights and played the last call.

For reasons I won't go into, this was a particularly poignant moment.

I pretty much lost it.



I took a moment to Try and Get My Shit Together, which I highly recommend, should you ever be about to launch into 'One way out', and in a spontaneous moment of human kindness, a lady from the audience ran up and grasped my hand for a moment, telling me it was going to be ok.

There really still is great wonder in this world.

All I can respond with is 'thank you'.

Some things are worth stopping for.

We have one more gig before we go o/s on tour, but much work to do in the meanwhile.

Happy IBDM.