Ok, I bought download cards for the new release.

Yeah I know.

I was never a Vinyl Freak (yes I know you're yelling at the screen right now Larry, stop it and go take your dang meds).

Cassettes were a fond memory as Bali Pirate compilations, OMG they had ALL the good tracks from an artist on messed up speed variable tapes. I loved it.


But then came....


Yeah I know you expected me to say 'CD' but for us Original Geeksters (that's O.G to you, word), we took a lurch into Digital Media, and CD was just a Next Gen storage thing. The fact you could use it for music was...meh.

Playlists and digital files were starting to happen. I mean a lot happened fast, we went from looking at NSFW 'ASCII Art'




 to full motion video Cats! Yes! ahaha, how we laughed.

Well you know, before 'everything' was on the internet, you could only get your digital naughties if you.....well lets not talk about that shall we?

I mean, we were young so naive and had Blazing 9600kb Modems and... OMG I'm so old right now.

 But here's the thing, for teen boys wanting to shift volumes of data (ie: naked girly pics), we were willing to embrace anything that....omg this post is going haywire. I'm looking at that ASCII its freaking me out a little.

So... undulating.

Right. Where was I?

That's it. Over to you Dalek.


I'm going to make some copies for the KC Artists because they're still into CD's, so that's cool, but from our perspective as #selfpropelledartists (yeah I hashtagged that, It's nerd-overkill today), CD's have as much downside as upside.

Digital Copies are easy to thieve but easy to distribute. 

Work out the cost of a CD, factor in Postage, Packaging etc and digital wins everytime.


I'm OK with making CD's, but we'll probably only be making them for short runs and limited editions, because we really may have crossed the Rubicon into the age of ubiquitous data

There are some hard truths about the change in our industry today. Evolution does not have agency, malice nor compassion.

It's up to us to find the way through.

Yes I'll still make you a cd so don't fret and start writing me, but we'll probably ask how many people want them and then only make that many, plus a few spares, but i think the days of stocking shelves with them is passing swiftly...