Howdy Folks.

Our second stop on this years US tour is...Recording a new album!

With the release of SC8, the next album will 'officially' be SC9. It was a 10 month turn around on SC8, so I guess we can expect SC9 in 2017.

Conceptually, SC7: Everywhere Feels Like Home, SC8: Kansas City Gold and SC9 are all part of the 'Mid West Triptych' concept.

Ah! What exactly is that, I hear you say (ok i don't hear you say it, i am imagining you saying it).


Well.....a tryptych triptych is um..a...hang on...wikipedia...crap i've been misspelling it...

A triptych (/ˈtrɪptɪk/ TRIP-tik; from the Greek adjective τρίπτυχον "triptukhon" ("three-fold"), from tri, i.e., "three" and ptysso, i.e., "to fold" or ptyx, i.e., "fold") is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded ...

Triptych - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Right. So, in our uniquely 'cellar based  thinking, this bunch of albums is a three volume set reflecting our experiences touring the american midwest for 4 years - from folk, to country, to blues, to gospel, soul and now....and now....who knows what will emerge from Indiana. (I do, if you've been to a show you do too, if not, come to a show).
We're heading back to the same studio we recorded 'Better Off Without You' on last years tour, and that song will set the tone for SC9. Sort of. I'm serious about doing Harmonica METAL!!!! METAAAAL!!!!
No really - the mid west artists we have been playing with, writing with, jamming with, have all influenced us. We've written songs about the places we've been, songs about stories we've been told, songs written for and in the styles of others, or at least in our version of their styles.
I think the last part of this triptych (ha! got it) is going to explore the modern derivatives we encountered. We saw some far out high energy blue grass/folk/punk stuff in downtown KC and it's been in my mind ever since.
Yep, until I sat here and wrote this I didn't realise that this one particular show from the eponymously named Larry & His Flask had stuck with me so hard. That makes them an Official Musical Influence. Get down!
And that's as it ought to be. Colliding ideas.
Anyway. Even though the next albums worth of songs are written, mostly battle tested and ready for tracking, Brother Bill, Rosie and Mr Wizard are all pitching new candidates for a last spot.
That's the good bit of doing what we get to do. Making stuff. You should make some stuff too. You might dig it and we might go to your gig and be influenced by you.