Howdy Folks.

Ye gods.

If you want blow by blow go to

So so much happening, so much travelling and we've basically been at it for 18 days straight.



Sept 15 Thursday, All Star Bar, 7210 NE 43rd St, Kansas City

Sept 17 Saturday Leftys, 2307 University Ave, des moines Iowa.

Tour Headlines:

Farewell Will Cox, Drummer.

Will died today. We're bummed. he was very kind to us on our first tour. Our thoughts are with Cassie, his family and with the Blue Flames.

He will be missed.

Family to family

We've been looked after by the most wonderful hosts. Thank you to the Novaks, the Jones's, Becky and Dee, the Sammons and the Orozcos.

We entirely, literally, could not do it without your help, thank you.

Rick Lyons

We got the chance to play Go Down Easy for Rick. That was awesome. Later, Rick & Lisa danced. He rang me from the road near South Dakota the other day to play me some native drums he heard on the radio.

Recording with AJ

We worked. The work was good.

By The Rock River

We played by the river, the river was pleased.

Nashville Wants us Back.

Say no more.

Thanks to Tom at WBSD

Great interview.

Praise of the Rhythm Section.

Bill and Theo have managed the pack . it's been remarkable.

 So much to be thankful for. More updates after I take some downtime. It's been hectic.