Mr Wizard has another 5 songs to work on.

Really? Good grief.

Howdy Folks, we're back, waking up close to the correct time and jetlag slipping away. Hurrah.

We've started talking about mixing SC9, heck I've already started artwork. Pretty sure we have a name for the album.

But we're in no rush. Once again, I have the advantage of listening to the mixes as they develop, but there is no rush to release.

Right now, The Curious Assembly, Everywhere Feels Like Home and Kansas City Gold are all getting airplay in the US, Australia, Canada and France!

It's one of the hallmarks of the modern music age that there really are no rules because there really are no firm answers.

It's also fair to say that we may be one of the few bands willing to work across so many 'genre's'. That's either because we don't see the boundaries in the same way or because the boundaries don't really exist. Like Millage said to us, 'there's only two types of music, good and bad'.

The mid west triptych is almost completely realised, three years of writing and recording on and around the tours, willingly embracing the influences from the mid west. As a finished piece, it will span the range of styles we're into, most of which originated in the places we've been playing.

Where to from here? Who knows! I can hazard a guess that the Japanese influence will continue and there has been some talk of other places to visit, other styles to absorb and be influenced by.

At any rate, if you come to a an Oz show in the next while you'll hear new songs that have been recorded but won't be released for a while, and once again, we'll road test brand new creations to see if they flip, flop or fly. That's the fun part. Making stuff!



We have this coming weekend off then we're back at it, with some good shows coming up. The Catho is a stunning place to play and we're greatly looking forward to it, along with a trip to the mountains, the Marrickville Festival (we were calling ourselves the Marrickville Hillbillies in our red F250 on tour lol) and a few other excellent spots.

With a bit of time, I might have a chance to do some editing of video etc from this years US tour, but there is much work to be done so I better crack on with it.

Stay tuned, or come to a show, or both!