Howdy Folks.

Lots happening

Three Stormcellar albums getting airplay across the US, Canada and Oz contemporaneously.

I was gonna say 'simultaneously' but realised that would be 'literally' incorrect, literally.

'Kansas City Gold' enters top 10 in Aus, gets picked up on almost 100 stations in the US, 'Everywhere Feels Like Home' & 'Curious Assembly' picking up airplay in the US on Triple A radio

Congrats to the great bands and DJ's creating a scene on the Australian Blues & Roots Charts . We're in the company of the masters. All hail the Backsliders. Without hearing Jim Conway and the Backsliders support Leo Kottke, I wouldn't be writing this...they're still at it and now we are too LOL.

Meanwhile, the other part of the midwest Triptych 'Everywhere Feels Like Home' is getting a warm welcome on AAA radio across the US. 


Cheers To Tom at WBSD, Ray at the Blues Shack on RPPFM and CDR at Mystery Train

Tom did a great interview, you can hear it here: (as soon as I put it up gimme a minute fer chrissake)

Ray talked to Millage and CDR talked to me!

US 2017?

Just got our first offer for a festival in the US in 2017. Oh lord.

Psst - Wanna Start Mixing?

AJ wants to start, and so do we, but we gotta restock the piggy bank. Go buy an album.

Bringing in the new songs

Between KC Gold + SC9, we have an albums worth of stuff to bring in. Oh crap.

Fixing Da Wesbite...wbsite...sbestie. 

Tech Ninja's have been rallied to do more stuff.

Expect some small disasters. Don't like load times? Well, NINJA! YAAA! 



(I disappear in puff of smoke.)