D-Dawg suggests we run a Vinyl pressing of KC Gold.

I'm all for it, but I'm still a little contrarian...about many things I guess, but I've never really understood the Vinyl fascination



Now before I get email about it, you are not allowed to email me about 'How Awesome Vinyl Is' unless you have:

1. Worked with Magnetic, Analogue Tape, in a multi-track recording environment (Vinyl came from Master Tapes back in the day, 'member)

2. Then moved over to digital.

3. Remembered that I am not Disrespecting Vinyl. We're up for doing it, I am just conjecturing. 

There IS a difference in sound quality, but it's a bit like vegemite.

Grow up with it, MMM Good.Otherwise...


As a band, we have worked on 2 track Nagra, 8 Track Obscura, 1 Inch and 2 inch Spacejunk, some of which is still in complete production mode today and cranking out Big Name Stuff.

But...if you haven't seen something like this: 


 then you might not truly get OMG how much easier Digital Land is.

Now Imma Say Stuff What Might Get Me In Trouble.

Analogue was superior to digital in capture bandwidth....up until a little while ago.

Solid State Drives and Massive Bandwidth means some of the new stuff is pretty much a generation beyond analogue.

At the same time, they talk about the ability of tape to 'glue' a song together.

'Nuff said. If we get enough folks who want it on Vinyl, I say let's do it, I'll be curious to hear how it comes out.