Three albums getting airplay right now :-) Yeah it's been a busy period.

The EFLH/TCA combo is in heavy rotation on WBSD whilst KC Gold is picking up mucho airplay in the US Also! One show featured 6 tracks from it.


Meanwhile...I greatly enjoyed the drive up to Katoomba and the show, but I have a Cold and I'm on some Chemists Own formulation and holy crap it's 2am.


We've got two shows tomorrow and my nasal passages are now clear and I'm buzzing like a bee. I'm fairly sure I shouldn't be operating Heavy Machinery right now but I kind of feel like doing just that. 

Right in the middle of the set tonight the decongestant kicked in. Right when I was playing harp. It was not cool. Luckily Theo had a tissue, or it would have just been ghastly. On such a busy weekend this should happen? Argh.

Cheers to Doc and Lindsay for coming out. It's still winter in the mountains. Brisk!

That's it. I gotta go watch Ancient Aliens until this stuff wears off :-)'re at the Marrickville Festival and then Rubys, so long as I hold out.