Howdy Folks.

It's taken me quite some time to find calendar module that worked/I could get to work. Nothing stands still on ye internet, huh?

For years I've been embedding our Google Calendar but....meh...

Anyway, some changes:

1. Merchandise section now points to CDBaby where you can get Digital Downloads of our stuff and even buy some limited edition CD's.

If you're in OZ and need a CD, come to a show or wait until I find a better shopping cart. Soonish.

2. Calendar is now showing a limited data export from our main google calendar, until I cough up some dough for the Pro version of the events module. I want to test it a little first.

3. Embedded youtube vids removed from a few pages to improve load times.

4. Mr Wizard wants to add a fanpage for his J-Pop and Japanese Band fixation (fair enough say I) so expect a new section soon.


5. I'm also behind in adding lyrics to the lyrics section, I have to update the Bio, add a...oh bugger it. I'm done for now.


Once again, if you're visiting and things Break or don;t quite work, it's probably me 'fixing' things.


Or is it devlish Haxxors????


No. Probably me.