Heh. I so interwebs.

There's a wonderful phrase for 'Large Amount' that has come across my screen a few times, it's the Metric Fuckton. I love it as a unit of measurement.


I couldn't find a bleeped version of an image and am too lazy to self censor today, sorry about that, we're so polite usually, but gosh darn it, we cuss like heck when we want to! Wonkles! Nuptials! Dill Pickle!

Where was I?

Updating lyrics? Yep. Done.

Mucking around with cheap-ass video clips (yep)

Figuring out how I stuffed the site formatting whilst fixing the calendar? (nope still fixing)

Oh that's right... well Flugel Me, KC Gold is getting a Metric Fuckton of airplay O/S right now.

I think that's slightly more than a Shitload, or a Big Ass Amount.

So, without Ado...

Shout outs for just the last week include:

WCNI in Connecticut

WVKR in Poughkeepsie NY

WGMC in Rochester NY

KUNM in Albuquerque NM

KAFM in Colorado (Bad Dog! Bad Dog!)

KTUH in Honolulu! Aloha! No Haole Tacos!

and of course ATC in Canada!

I did some maths and came up with something approaching 250 stations worldwide who've spun the album recently. 

That's not including the airplay for everywhere Feels Like Home on AAA radio in the US.

So, if you're one of the brave folks still on terrestrial radio, there is an increased statistical probability in both this universe and potentially others that you will...... still hear 'let it go' from Frozen before you hear one of our songs :-)


I knew we shoulda got a snowman in the act.

But we is doing what we can.

Cheers to all the DJ's spinning KC Gold!