Howdy Folks. Sydney's fighting the summer heat. No. Its's spring. No. It's cold. No. It's summer.

Climate change? Nah. It's just unusually/warm/cold/cool/warm/hot/cold.

Perfectly normal.

Where was I? Oh. New Sets! 

We've been back from the US for a month or so and finally had time to rehearse the new songs from the unreleased album (forget that go buy current one, go on) plus some of the tunes from Kansas City Gold that we haven't brought into the set.

This weekend we're gonna do the old school song we wrote for Millage, plus his song 'Didnt even say goodbye' - that means two old school songs coming in. First time we will have had a 12 bar in there for a few years LOL.  Is it a 12 bar? Must ask Mr Wizard. Hmm.

Meanwhile, we're also bringing some of the other stuff from SC9 (unreleased) into the set.

That means adjusting the set for a whole bunch of new songs. It's Thunderdome up in here! 8 Songs enter, some songs leave!


Regular Cellar Dwellers know that creating a set list is quite the task.

Our preference is to favour the entry of new material. It keeps us fresh, it's risky and it'

With SC9 in the can, we did some quick maths and found 103 songs in the repertoire, 93 of ours and 10 covers. Now that's not a lot by Dylan standards, (Nobel, Nobob?), but it still means quite a bit of logistical discussion.

And about 4 hours. 

From 100


to 70


to 30


 and then Rosie adjusts the set.

Then we talk about it.

Then we do something different on the night.

I love it.

Will this new set construction work? Who knows! Let's find out! Woot!