We're driving inland to Dubbo this weekend for a show at Old Bank. Maybe that's the safest place to be after the US election.

According to our mates in the 'states, election of either candidate spells Doom, so get out and boogie with your friends in the stormcellar before the apocalypse arrives down here.


No matter who wins, no matter if the end is Nigh:

1. We're far away enough for the gig to still be on.

2. We're the home of Mad Max so we're all OK with post apocalypse lifestyle living! MMM Dogfood good!


3. I'll be snarky if the world comes before we finish mixing the new album.

4. Even if the world ends, we'll still be gigging on the smouldering pile, as long as I can find a decent soundo.

Meanwhile chuck crossbow in the back of your ute and come out to a gig. Lord Humungus just hit 'going' on facebook.