Greetz folks.

SC9 is moving towards mixing and I'm feeling pretty pleased with that.

I get a lot of comfort from what we do, a lot of fellowship and a lot of good vibes. It helps me to deal with my world a little more easily.

We started this Blog back in the day, when Roscoe, Big Daddy and 'Classified' were overseas. I was told that for folks in harms way, or just far away, seeing some reminder of the mundane, 'normal' world was a good thing. Emails that I'd receive told me that they'd been following our progress. So in a way, we were a form of social media. Just a small group :-)

Having a useful function pleases me. Think of us as your Mental Backscratcher. For when you just can't get that spot!. John Stuart Mills approved!

Regular 'cellar dwellers might get the sense of peace we get from the travelling. I live-blog more to pics to FB these days due to convenience and the differing usage patterns we see naturally arising from...oh...sorry...ahem....err...we go pretty place, make nice picture! Smile!

I like trees.

On the porch of the hotel at Dubbo, at 3am, as Flame Trees died away like the final notes of Last Post from the Jukebox, we sat in a pretty safe, calm place and called Indiana to talk Mixing and cos we knew AJ would get a kick out of such a call.


We were discussing the pro's and cons of getting a new desk mix or jumping straight in to track by track mixing.

There's no right answer, or maybe a series of right answers. AJ was in the same superposition.

And that's where I stop talking about the mixing and note that it's a nigh on a miracle that we get to do this stuff :-) Can't fault the gratitude.

We'll spend the next 3 months at least, messing about with an album, working with a good dude, going back and forth within the band.

It's a good thing in and of itself. When you need a moment, a time out, come down into the stormcellar with us :-)