How are you?

Our weekend was a long, well spent drive deep into the psyche of New South Wales. It's quite the trip.

I find it so compelling, I wish you could be there to get from it what I get.


See what I mean.

If your world is in part, defined by your environment, then we inhabit a kinder world than many.

It's almost as if the edge of reality, the part that is free from some self imposed version of anxiety, is there, but you have to catch it like riding a wave. It takes awareness and a little balance. Fortunately for me, I have a few friends to steady me when I lose my step. We should all be so lucky.

We have Team of Garry, Jackson, Corine and Chris to thank for their help this weekend. So thank you.

On the way down, between Nowra and Bega I got some great time-lapse go pro footage for a video but I can't figure out which song to use. That's what we'll be doing while we careen the vessel, scrape the barnacles off and take a bloody well earned rest for a month. Except for Theo because he just doesn't quit.

2016 has been good to us and to those we love. I see a lot of online anxiety but I visit a lot of places that live at a different speed. It encourages me that there's more to think than we imagine.

Inside the stormcellar, we talk of Weather Patterns, Tides and Orbits. Chaotic and/or complex interacting systems. It's not certainty. Bummer huh?

But we're ok with High Variability, because we believe it's always been highly variable. Sometimes you just can't see it; sometimes it's very much easier not to see it. Pattern and coincidence. Agency and Randomness. 

For us, there's solace in the work. In the company. In the doing. To quote the master, Harry Manx, your tears reflect the world you make.

The act of kindness to one another seems too weak a force on a global anxiety level, but it's a very strong personal force. It binds us to one another. Each part upon part and so on. Yeah I know, Zen and the art of Harmonica, but as Doc Span says "don't try to the be the best'un, just be a good 'un" and that echoes in everything else.

For us it's some well earned rest. Mixing SC9. Working on songs for Jo, and others beside. Trying to crank out a few more vids, just 'cos.

 We come back on deck in Jan, but we've got fun things to do between now and then.

You take care of yourself and pop by for some chill out time when you need it. you know what we'll be doing.