SLIGHTLY NSFW (not suitable for work), a bit of swearing, you know how polite we are here normally.

Anyway, I got sick of hearing the same stuff from all the muso's about how hard it is to get a gig. IT IS HARD. For true.

But the world moves , and we with it.

There is some top aussie talent right in your backyard. Allan, Eli, Jim, Mick, all of them, they're all naturals. Bloody hard to get all in the same place at the same time, but they took to this story like fish to umbrellas.

This project is giving a few of them a chance to get some exposure and me a chance to be a harmonica ninja.

If you combined the elements of spinal tap, Cheech and Chong and Houso's and you've got - The Last Gig in Sydney, courtesy of your friends in the stormcellar and their friends in the Sydney scene. This is what we do when no one's looking.


Big ups to Dion. Much much work.

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