Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

I've been listening to the glorious sax of Mr Rob Dixon on Heavy Weather. Ah.

We have the desk mixes (version 2) that now contains all the instrumentation we planned on.

Mr Wizard cautioned me years ago against 'Demo Love', falling in love with the first take/desk mix before having a chance to let the piece mature and get mixed properly.

How'd that work out for you?


I'm having some issues with the vocals on Chase the Dragon. I liked the first, flawed, guide track take. The master take we've used had better technique, but less colour. Bugger. I've already been through this process with AJ and we picked the current master track over the original guide after much review.

Now I've changed my mind again. Oh noes. 


With the revised desk mixes in, it's once again time to take the mix away, listen and make notes.

These secondary mixes have now got harmonies, choruses and the solo's added.

Now it's about refining, and often that means removing things rather than adding.

Unless someone has a bright idea.

Then there's the problem of having too many bright ideas. Adding too much stuff.

The discussions, arguments and back and forth is part of the fun and makes ongoing blog fodder.

There's no rush to release, we're dropping stuff out at a rate of an album a year at the moment and I guess i shouldn't mention that we're cooking up another batch right now.

I'd expect to see SC9 out sometime Q2 2017 but the songs are in the set so there you go.

Listening to Jo sing right now. Ahh. I like this bit. got to run. I wanna make some notes.