Yes its a fryable cheese and makes for regular band sandwiches.

Band sandwiches are a vital part of our job.

Y'see, trying to get dinner arranged for 5 men with different opinions can be the most difficult thing about a mixing discussion/band meeting and may take longer than the actual meeting.

15283971_1150202538430154_8094215182939239821_n (Custom).jpg


I am not above resorting to Mediterranean style cheeses and Sourdough. 

With sandwich made, we reviewed the new album, made notes, some of which are contradictory, listened again, went back and forth and finally typed it all up.

Where our opinions co-incide, it's easy. Where we disagree, it's fun!

Ah yes, seeking uniform opinion is not our goal. 

We have operated under a pirate ship charter since we first took to the high seas in search of booty. Sea booty.


Mr Wizard once quoted an artist saying 'it's the spaces what rock' and I've extrapolated that out to 'it's the tensions what drive the band'. We don't suppress dissent, we revel in it. 

I read, some time back, in New Scientist (shout out to my Nerds!) that confronting small issues immediately prevents them becoming bigger issues later. Learning how to disagree and to argue your point without throwing your nice fresh Haloumi sandwich is a big deal. For one, if you mess with my sandwich, I won't make you another one.

I am repeatedly surprised when the other chaps embrace ideas that I think may be a little 'out there'. To be fair, that's a smaller subset of the Out There ideas that I may put forward.

There's a great deal of synchronicity as I tally up the notes from each person. It's nice. There's a wavelength and a vibe, not a perfect answer. On this voyage we have also invited our fellow gentleman of the coast, AJ, to add his vote.

We have several months of fix, mix, review, edit, discuss, change, revert, and potentially several sandwiches/side salads ahead of us as we mix our ninth album.

Good times :-)