The guys, and Jo, have worked tremendously hard this year. Pretty much for the last 4 years solid.

It's time to take to the foreshores of Botany Bay, pitch a tent, careen the vessel and scrape the barnacles off whilst drinking rum.

Except without Rum, Ship or Barnacles. But it's a nice metaphor.


 We've been busy as the year winds down.

Adding the songs from KC Gold and SC9 to the live show has been completed. Rearranging and rejigging the sets has been attempted, tested and will be attempted again.

Mix notes on SC9 have been arrived at and now we begin the process of selecting a starting track to commence mixing. We knocked out another video and finished the pilot of our project to help some of our muso mates.

With all that done, with time off for everyone except the Rhythm Section, who just won't quit (lol), we're free to take our leisure by working on new material.

Yeah i know it sounds like you work to work, but getting to do the actual creative part is the bonus you get for all the others bits :-) #selfpropelledartist

Songs have been stockpiled whilst we've been busy. There's both inspirationally acquired and the intellectually desired. 

I've got a real ping on for working on new songs for Jo, writing to spec, but there's plenty of other unexpected stuff too. This is the fun bit.

I've been game enough to propose some of the more out there ideas that have come my way of late. 

Mr Wizard remains unconvinced :-)


Don't worry, plenty more where that came from!

I've set a goal of writing 6 songs for Jo, plus we're working on ideas from the backlog. relaxing.

BTW if you notice a general theme of Calm and Lowering Anxiety of late, yep, that's my thing right now.

We're going to be doing that a bit for the time being, because we have gratitude for the blessings we collectively find in the work we do.

Come by when you need some time out of the storm.