I started to do that 'gratitude list' thing and as the list lengthened, it occurred to me that 2016 has been good to us. Go figure.

It's only been a year since DC toured OZ with us, only 3 months since we did our 4th US tour. We released our 8th album. Recorded our 9th. Wrote new songs towards a 10th. See what I mean?

It has been a privilege to get to do what we do, and for me, to be in the company I have found myself in.

2017 will be our 10th anniversary year and we still like one another. In the mythos of Bands, that alone counts as miraculous :-)

We have many people to be grateful to this year. Mac, AJ, Mr Jones(s), Mo, our Cellar Dwellers and all the folks who have passed us carefully from hand to hand.

Being grateful for the good we encounter has not diminished our awareness of the worst 2016 has offered. Yet we have hope.

That hope includes that you and yours, wherever you may be, get a moment of peace as this year ends, and that when the future continues, it opens kindly.