Yeah that's right. that's how I get down in down time. Make big think. 

You ought to see my Large Blank Paper notebook, picked up from the cheap knock off shop. It's great. And now filled with big thinky thoughts. Diagrams. It was really reasonably priced. The notebook that is, not the thoughts.

The paper's radioactive but the thoughts shine like stolen gold.

How we doing dodging the pitfalls of this level Indy?


I've been reading up on Chaos for some time. I'm one of those folks who wishes Maths Was Easy so I could get a better grasp on things. I make do with far clumsier tools and a chipper attitude :-) 

We're so connected to the folks around us that we feel it when the ocean ripples. It's good to be plankton. So calm. Looking at the stars. OH CRAP A WHALE!

Ok I digress. But I'm only working symbolically here. Work with me. It's confusing but amusing and face it that's why you're here. We're fun.

No band is an island (ha!) and we're writing songs from the environment we're in. Yay.

Welcome to the Interregnum.

If I was Nostradamus, I'd add a paypal link and then type some random crap up. What the heck lets give it a shot.

The pool between two tides

the old gods fall

my feet are cold

no hang on that's a bad haiku.


The concept of State Change is manifest in a lot of different interconnected ways. Seasonal change, political transition, technological change (I won't argue advancement lol). (EDIT - I also ought to add, the passing of so many of the Gods of music who were foundational to modern music, RIP George Michael today).

We've had a month of down time and I'm getting reminders from Social Media not to neglect our Facebooking and Twittering! We might miss out on somebodys attention because OMG they have a life! NOO! Lookatmelookatme..(sigh)

We're a band, so there are a list of different website and social media we're encouraged to join/participate in/provide constant free content to in order the same benefit as Ye Olde Advertisements from the 20th Century.

My skills are so Ninja I backed Myspace over FB so any observations I make are...questionable.


Nonetheless, we've had a concept inside the band for many years, that 'social media is the echo'.

I fear that us Muso's are encouraged to put a lot of resources into Online stuff that doesn't actually work, but gives us a Red Sticker of Encouragement.

As time has gone on, those self same New Media that were once so welcoming have started to 'Monetise' access.

Paying for advertising is one thing, but charging you to interact with your greater social group is kind of predatory.

Our homepage blog came into being before our FB page.

Why? Cos we're OG, homeboy. Original Geeksters. You bring your 300bps and I pull out my trailblazer. Word. So we've been online a while, let's just say.


This site and our social media play two different but connected functions.

Here, we are only limited by our manners and by my willingness to get my Nerd On and Tech Up.

We use Social Media for travel blogging, it's easier (technology wise) to mobile blog to FB. Yeah I can do it here but no. This site is more about where our head is at.

To paraphrase David Byrne, when we have nothing to say, our lips are sealed.

I wonder if we escaped legacy media that seemed to feed on anxiety to sell soap, only to change to another system using fear of missing out, fear of not getting attention to get us to constantly feed them like cuckoos.


I'm not dismissing Social Media, we'll still use it, when it appeals, but it's not a garden to be grown and prized, it's a frickin' tamagotchi.


We truly are in the interregnum between the dissolution of the legacy media system and the emergence of the new, but perhaps it's more accurate to say that even in the Change State of the web, it's time for, yep, more change.

Follow us on Facebook, or Twitter, or not. Better yet, go and have a life. Write a song. Come to a show!

When we have something that requires more than 144 characters to make sense of, we'll be here.