Yoiks and away.

AJ has started the proper mixing on SC9. 

Track by track, the ninth album will come together over the next few months.

This will be the first time we have mixed remotely...no hang on...I forgot...Robert Rebeck mixed Push Me Away in Kansas whilst we were here in Sydney.

Ok that's the 2nd time then. Much to look forward to as we whittle away at it.

The fun of the work continues, with much to be thought about and figured out.

Mr Wizard wants to release singles. One of the tracks from the project is already out, 'Better off without you', so I guess, we've started on that.

As part of the mid west triptych, I've been wondering about how to structure the final installment.

Each album has its own flavour, and SC9 will be released as a stand alone, but it's got me thinking about its relationship to the other parts.

Releasing all three albums as one release is definitely on the cards. It tells a geographic and musical story of the places we've been, the things we've seen, the music we've heard and the people we've played with.

It's artsy as fark. 


Ok, so yeah.

However....how does it fit together? Do we adjust the order of all the tracks to Geographic/Date/thematic, leave it as the same collection of three albums or add to it or...

I am not spending sleepless nights worrying about it. I am really enjoying the idea of figuring out what we mean by this work. 

Maybe we just like to work. And that's ok too.