AJ's initial mixes are arriving so close to a finished state that this is moving slightly faster than I had anticipated.


We're in an interesting Age for Music/ians. 



When to release tracks is up to us. Ditto on how, where and so on. There's no one else to make the decisions. #selfpropelledartist.

I was expecting a leisurely stroll towards finishing this album and months to agonise over this sort of thing 

Our good mate Val once told me 'fer chrissake STOP releasing so many damn albums' :-)

The Stormcellar Marketing Department (yes we have one, yes it's me) agrees, sort of.

Mind you, the marketing department pretty much went to lunch some time ago, leaving me with a voice message saying 'let it all ride on number 22' and I haven't seen me since.

I occasionally send myself marketing suggestions and interesting tidbits I read online from my secluded Billionaire Bunker.


The theory used to be that you spaced out releases. Prince was reputedly obliged to hold back many releases to avoid over saturation. LOL. Prince. Oversaturated. The Very Purple One.



By comparison, Miles Davis used to churn out what he wanted, when he wanted. I think.


That's two very different ways of going about it.

As I write this and think about it, I realise we're going to release what we can, as often as we can.

I'm glad we had this talk :-) Cheers for the help.