Sydney got so hot we prayed for a storm, just to take the humidity away. It's the first cool night in days. I like the alliteration. Grammar could use a tweak.

4am was a good time to be awake in the stifling heat.

Watching re-runs of Das Boot.


I had forgotten how much I liked the soundtrack.

That prompted me to listen it to it via youtube, which prompted me to listen to some excellent remixes, which led to a remix of one of my fave movie soundtrack items by Tangerine Dream.  

 That's prompted me to reach out to someone to remix one of our tracks.

Yeah you heard me. I have previously mentioned Harmonica + Heavy Metal (still working on that) and now I've got a ping on for some EBM. I've asked some total random dudes to have a go. We'll see if anyone in Poland is up for some technocellar, dubstorm, housecellar or wtf. Yeah. Crazy.