I've been bugging Jerry to do a Aussie DJ Remix of some of our stuff for umm....3 years?

It was a 'let's do lunch' thing and we never got around to it, but this is 10th anniversary year madness!

As I was dropping the car off for repairs, I chanced to bump into Jerry and




Jerry has 9 albums (yes I am letting him hear the developing mixes on SC9) to choose a track from.

Due to Time/Change/Hard Drive crash, I don't have 'component' parts for all of these albums, but for some, I do. Esp the new stuff.

That gives DJ JK a few options:

- Sampling a song

- Remixing a song ('stems' permitting, meaning we'd have to have the individual component track data)

- Covering it (rebuilding the song with new instrumentation)

Dubcellar? Technocellar? Stormtrance? Housecellar?