Chase the dragon came back this week. I was a little reluctant to put it in the player....err...I mean click the link and let VLC sort it out.

The song really affected me for a while there and was greatly comforting whilst we were on tour. 

I listen to the tracks on repeat for quite some time. I vary between thinking it's weird to do that and 'no that's part of the process'.

When you're editing, you may need to go over it so often you start to get the equivalent of Semantic Satiation - the feeling that the words don't really mean anything anymore.

I prefer to think of it like a carpenter or a sculptor running their hands along a piece of work, feeling for the rough spots.

There comes a point where it's smooth enough and any more whittling/fiddling is detrimental to the work. Striving to better, oft we mar what's well.

There's really not much to say or add to the mixes AJ has been sending us. I jokingly suggested we could have tweeted him our requested tweaks.

At the old 144 character limit :-)

I can't help but to contrast this against the post production on Kansas City Gold, which was beset by some genuinely tough technical problems, to the point where we had to re-record tracks.

For this album, the first mix tracks so far sound 'finished'.

To translate this into Intelligibility...

Mixing and mastering are usually done by two different people so that you get the benefit of a fresh assessment. 

Here's a pic I found that illustrates a little of the concept of the phases of raw recordings, mixing and then mastering.Ignore the MP3 part cos I disagrees. But anyway.

CAHItANW8AA7Us8 (Custom).jpg

I'm not sure if in some way this pic isn't politically incorrect, but a small amount of error saves a ton of explanation. Girrl Power does not require makeup, but I guess glamour shots do? so confused metaphor...brain hurtings..

What I am attempting to convey is how close to finished these 'first' mixes are. They're arriving pretty much close to end state. Not end mixed state, end mastered state.


Which brings me to artwork and names. Why? It's my job. This job is activated in response to the imminent arrival of something that needs a Cover and a Name.

This is the 9th album, in internal parlance SC9, in likely catalogue number, SC1701, in Name...well...

I floated a few concept names out there as 'working titles' and I judge by Eye Roll how well received they are. 

Lovesong of the midwest?


 Ok. So no. How about 'Pyramids of the midwest'.


Theo had suggested 'FY', short exclamation of exhuberance...but I think that's already been done and well...

But it got me thinking. FY. Fi.

Fee fo fum?

All right already.

So the name has to be part of the overall vibe, part of the 3 album cycle, reflecting the themes and vibes we found in the midwest over the last four years, using Iconography that references the place.

I have it! The water tower and the highway signs, good companions each.

And the mood for the times when we were there and recording/writing it?

tower1 (Custom).png

FY indeed.

Ok great.

So I started working through the concepts.

sc9-black-shield (Custom).png

I think the noun is better is better than the verb, so


Maybe black?



And here's Vladimir's fave




Maybe the shield and tower?



 Maybe shield no tower?



But yeah that's the working title now. 

Unless I change it.

Nah I like it.