Cheers to all the folks who joined us at the Wicko on Sunday evening and to Kel and Con on sound.

As we were driving home, Rosie and I were listening to a little Tangerine Dream.

In keeping with the current themes of mixing, remixing and because I'd like to share a little Calming Vibe, here's a great cover/reinterpretation of 'love on a real train'.

There's some crazy good talent out there on youtube. Me Gusta Mucho David!

Here's music to create calm in spacetime :-)


 I felt like I had to post the original too. It's a beautiful piece of work. I've spent a bit of time watching videos of them live to see how they do the sequencing and it's some truly mind testing stuff.  

 And yeah it might be 1980's but it's been remixed and used by a current US Sci Fi Show.

Here's the current mix used on Mr Robot set to some beautiful HD train travel footage. Told you I was aiming for relaxing eh?