Here's the dilemma - The Bureau of Meteorology is locally known as the B.O.M. You can see where I'm going with this.

Sending emails marked BOM is just not a good idea in the present climate.

Oh crap. I just did it here!



Ok, so in line with my 'lets make some vids' thing I've been fully geeking out and got some excellent responses on radar imagery from the B.O.M (NOO! again!) and from the cool cats behind the Earth modelling system.

What will we do with it? Who knows! What fun!

Mr Wizard made a snarky comment about the last video (grrr) as it's not a 'proper' video.

Well I make the bloody videos for this band and It's a bloody video when I say it is. Right, Baroness Freytag-Loringhoven?



The last video was a straight export dump from a directory. I liked the mix of intent and randomness. It felt like it had its own peculiar logic.

We've done animation, CGI, live action, puppets, scripted, timelapse, montage, stock think we're only missing Claymation and Paper cut outs.

like the techy-data and multimedia stuff. Doing a mini movie for each song would be great, if it was practical. Until then we'll keep exploring the ideas that we can get our hands on.

Right now it's going to be some data visualisation and then, who knows.

ooh! Drones!

Nah. that's so last week. Hmmm...