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Captain Sam inspired me with his nautical adventures and now we're getting all Boaty.

We're hunting around for locations to record the 5D project. Larry sent me this suggestion, far out, what a beauty.

We've had a real awareness of location and sound, ever since Spacejunk - remember that old ricketty wooden hall at mangrove mountain with that glorious under-gained recording on wonky analogue tape...ahh...good times.

Hired Guns was worked from the drum sound up, from that big wooden reception room at Bawley Point.

For this next project we're going to work from the guitars out - at least for the first 2 D's in the project.

We'll record the guitar in situ, using the atmos and ambience....and then record everything else dry cos otherwise it'd interfere.

Mr Wizard and I did some initial location scouting today.

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As per usual, not all of these ideas will work, but the fun's in the trying. Stay tuned.