Rosie takes a helluva a picture, eh?

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You make the effort. You get what you get.

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Keya, bless you.

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We had a grand time at the Monaro Blues & Roots Festival.

When you look around you and realise that this is your life and that it's a good one. You travel amongst the kingdoms of clouds.

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Listening to other muso's is one of the great joys of the gatherings. I heard some great tone from Dinesh and got some of his original song on video. Nice work.

He was worried that it wasnt blues. But it was better than being someones idea of a genre, it was simply true.

I dig this piece.

Thanks to Kelvin, Jodie & Keya. 

Travelling with your long term band mates does have its downside. When you look away and Rosie moves your cutlery off centre, knowing you'll unconsciously fix it, doing it again and again until you catch him. Amusing but it's not fun to pick on the OCD :-)

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It's perfect autumn weather, brisk but not yet too cold. I wonder about people in Sydney who's world is bounded by the sea and the blue mountains. We live in a pretty big-ass country here. It's worth the drive.

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and back to the emerald city.

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As we returned, my new found friends on the internet started sending me videoclips. 

It's given me a new appreciation for how hard they are to make :-) on a $7 budget I'm up for anything, but even so, it's proved to me that you get what you pay for :-).

I'm still going to run the experiment a little longer, and I did expect a few fails, so we're tracking towards expected outcomes, but I still hold out high hopes that one of these random things is going to really surprise me.

Oh forgot to mention, we're now at final mixing on Defiance. We were listening to it, in the AJ's proposed order, on the drive :-) Yay.