Ye Gods. (and a note in memory of Murray Ball, who added that one to my lexicon many years ago).

I think you reach the point of diminishing returns in a mix when you start going back the mix before you had your latest bright idea.

We're there.

Eli's Hard Rock backing vocals made Rock...but some of the other ideas...well...let's just say that they did not meet with universal approval.

An unnamed Guitarist made some suggestions on 'Bongo' mixing in one of the songs, leading to BONGO FURY!

No not the Zappa one...


Let's just say that the Rhythm Section expressed a very Dutch opinion.

Yeah we're done.

I think we call this mix. The sole missing item is the space in How it feels to win. We'll sort something, and there you have it. Album 9. 

Uh oh, I feel a 10th-year-9th-album-moment-of-reflection coming on...noooo...not sentimentalism! Nooo! cute.


Pic not related. 

The work itself is a joy. 



See I told you I was making an effort to have some Chill Vibes here.

It's been a rough time, off screen, for a few of the guys. That's how it is for everyone, at some point. Mostly. I'm pretty sure.

But we take a lot of comfort from doing what we do, and the company we keep.

Defiance is a cracker of an album and a fitting way to conclude 4 years worth of work in the Mid West Triptych. 

It's good to finish a project...

..but even more fun to start on the next one!

Yeah that's right. I might have failed multiple times during the last month to get the first recording for the 5D project, but I have continued to regroup, reset, reschedule and try again.

We like making stuff. I'll be posting up here as we keep trying :-)