You know I try and try and nothing seem to happen and then all of a sudden...

18222213_1300875970029476_3580001233153995961_n (Custom).jpg

WOOT! Big Ups to Mr Wizard and Bill as FINALLY I got the 5D project started.

Ah! I speculate that you may ask/think, WTF is the 5D project.

I'm glad you did/didn't ask. Ok, so obviously some of this is rhetorical but I have Google Stats and know you actually exist, so there.

Unless it's me logging in from remote.

Could be.

While Defiance has been in mixing, the guys have been writing this chill guitar stuff and I got all inspired about building an Audio Visual piece where the sounds were built from the Guitars out.

On Hired Guns, we started with the room sound at the drums. For this, its the guitars.

PLUS! I wanted the 'actual' take video'd, in situ, and the guitar tracks themselves to contain elements of the atmosphere from the location.

After weeks of trying to coordinate stuff, I got an unexpected clear weather day and we hit it.

BIG thankyous to our mates at rentacam for helping us out with some choice Nerd Gear. Oh lord, Rosie can tell you I have gone totally gear fanboy.Still, we did some good work yesterday.

I've been location scouting, here was location A...I don't even - but great huh?

IMG_5215 (Custom).JPG

IMG_5218 (Custom).JPG

The whole idea of the project is to record the guitars in location, so we picked a few locations and tried them.

IMG_5222 (Custom).JPG

For each song, a different location. For Bill's song 'Pirouette' we started at an Aqueduct, but finished on a pier. 

IMG_5221 (Custom).JPG

For Bill, we ran the XY pair on the zoom, + a 57 pointed at the soundboard straight down the cetre of the X-Y pair, then the two shotgun condensers unexpectedy built into the Camera, which were amazingly bloody good for a tiny little camera mic. Like wow. 

Later, in the wee small hours, Mr Wizard and I hit the City Streets of Sydney to record the base guitar for his song 'Sail Away'

IMG_5228 (Custom).JPG

IMG_5231 (Custom).JPG

Now for the Sound Nerd in you, check this out: this is the little condenser harmonica mic I picked up in Kansas City

IMG_5234 (Custom).JPG

Using a ZOOM 4 chan recorder we rented, we ran:

- X-Y Condenser on the Zoom

- Direct line from the guitar (OMG NO preamp needed on the Zoom, get out of town!)

- This teeny little condenser on the head.

- The cam mic's

Atmos was awful. Trains cabs drunks buses pedestrian cross walks you name it.

But - as we have the direct line in, we're cool, we can mix all the atmos back.

If this doesn't work, we'll try again.

BTW How good is the zoom to take a line froma solid body electric guitar with no preamp and get clean, great signal. I'm stoked. Totally awesome device.

Whilst we were working, we wound up with a crowd :-)

IMG_5235 (Custom).JPG

I've got the gear on loan for the weekend so Imma do a bunch of stuff.

I have to say, the modern gear is awesome. The camera? Awesome. The recorder? Awesome.

Two blokes can now carry the equipment to do a whole shoot, plus a guitar and a seat :-)

Now when will you be able to see the stuff?

When I get it finished! More stuff! Do more stuff!

Speaking of which.

PROPS TO EBvideo from Fiverr - Fiver Video Victory

It's been a big 24 hours.

The 2nd last of my Fiverr clips came in and the footage is great. EB rocks. I got some editing to do now, but I reckon we'll have a clip for Chalk Angels shortly.

...and lastly but not leastly.

Defiance Mixing Finished.


AJ sent the last two cuts today. done. Finito. No Mas.

It still needs art, credits, final mastering, song order, DDP creation, pressing, so it'll still take a bit to come out, but a digital version could be online in as little as a week.

But that's up to us and I dont have time to work that out, I got a camera on loan and it's a gorgeous, gorgeous Sydney day.

OH! Almost forgot, Congratulations to the lads for finishing a 9th album.

And starting on a 10th.