On Saturday it's Nigels Birthday, Nigels FOTB (friend of the band). So we wrote him a song, in the manner of traditional emotionally repressed Australian Men.

I've slightly sanitised it for the front page, but in many of the places we've played, they'd like it more, if I swore :-)


Happy ----en Birthday to ya mate


I’ve written you a birthday song

It’s a lot cheaper than a gift

The kind present that I’d buy

Isn’t one that you can sniff

Holy sh-t when did we get old

Or are we just still holding on

I’ve used up half a verse I know

And already I’m banging on

So oft it seem the words I need

Come along too late

By apropos of nothing else

Happy ----'en birthday to ya mate


The chicks still think you’re really cool

Your looks are holding well

You’re cultivated, suave & debonair

If you’re not, no one could tell

A true survivor’s got the grit

To make it through these days

But I still think you give a sh-t,

Not like everybody says

And though life’s thrown a lot at you

It’s not too much for your plate

So we raise a glass and kiss yer ass

Happy ----en birthday to ya mate.


An Aussie Bloke is not the type

To wear his heart out on his sleeve

We’re fierce and strong and bold and brash

That’s what we’d have you believe

We’ll hide our deepest sentiments

In our sparring and our jibes

And never confess, except in duress

What we feel inside

so Christ will someone help me out

before it gets too late

the parking meters running, I’ve got to go

so happy ----en birthday to you mate


Happy Birthday Nigel.