I've got something new and shiny!


No not that.

Although, to be fair, that s very shiny.


Stop that. Right. Where was I ?

So...I've started on final artwork for Defiance, gathering the credits. We're waiting on 1 last teeny weeny tweak.

I've abandoned any hope of further tweaking, forest, trees, please. We're done. I said that two tweaks ago. Argh.

But the 5D project (yes it was 4 D now its 5 ok? we added a D) is AWESOME.

After mixing the various mic's together, I realised I had effectively created a super cardioid mic out of the 2 condensers in XY and the 57 pointed at the sound hole.

It sounds glorious. I'm really keen to add the next layers of stuff. Releasing 9th album? yeah who cares I have NEW SHINY THING!!


 To be fair, Defiance was written a year ago. Unsurprisingly, we're now into what we're into now :-) The difference is that we have a much faster turn around because this is principally video.


Did I mention that? Yeah. The 5D thing will be our 10th release, but it will be our first 'video album' because it's all about the combination of the image and the sound, because all the stuff is recorded on location and the atmosphere sounds are a part of the sonic thingy stuff artsy omg what the hell are we doing??

Who knows! It's fun! It's Shiny! It sounds really pleasing to the ear. I am keen to share it, but it actually deserves a little more crafting.

Each track is built from one instrument, recorded on location, with video, to create a multimedia piece.

The other instruments will be dry-recorded so the atmos doesn't sum up and get muddy.

We got three base tracks done last weekend, there's a great recording of one of Rosies guitar pieces, at dawn, at Coogee beach, with the sound of the seagulls and the waves, but it's all crystal clear and the footage was great, thanks to the fancy shmancy camera.

For Bill & Paul's song, we need to add other things. That means scheduling. Yay! Meanwhile, the other 2 D's from the project are in pre-production. Which simply means we're trying to work out how to do it.

Mr Wizard wants to try all sorts of tricky online things with the video, so we're going to completely faff about with it. Why not indeed.

I'll post what I can when I can :-)