That was quite the Rock and Roll night on Saturday, in the beating heart of the beast, Kings Cross.

Kings Cross has traditionally been the most Outlaw place you could go; Vice City, Sydney.

Ah, my beloved convict, larrikin, Sydney; they're trying to make you go straight. 

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I have to tell you, I have a new found respect for the difficulty venue owners face today.

In order to let people in and out of the venue, they're obliged, by local regulation, to scan your ID and take your picture.

Surrendering your privacy to make sure no one does anything naughty does not sit easily with me. I'm not planning on doing anything naughty but I don't feel the need to be monitored. I'm just here to play harmonica, not commit acts against the state.

I understand the rationale, but frankly, it seems a bit much. I get it. Stopping violence etc is a priority, still, the once hard bitten sleazy cross is much gentrified into 'Potts Point' and Sydney loses just a little of her criminal charms.

What do we sacrifice for such safety. Perhaps it will make us confront our own hypocrisy when we can no longer hide in real world anonymity. Nuff said.

Venue is great, my musing's on the increasing over use of civil surveillance notwithstanding.

Happy Birthday to Nigel.

If you've ever taken the time to notice a Zen lesson when it's presented; as Nigel cut the cake, it overturned.

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That was a real bummer. But in the fashion of the man, he cleaned up the mess and got on with the party.

Lesson over.

We were also stoked to be asked by Sea Shepherds to sign a guitar they're auctioning for a fundraiser.

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In an age where the last of the frontiers diminish, where our interconnection lattices the world in permanent memory and permanent record, perhaps we live in the last great age of piracy.

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But then again...our past has a way of reasserting itself when you least expect it :-) 

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