Ok that was fun.

Saturday night at Coogee for the last two gigs has featured a local group of very special kids. They are into music,they dance, and they're switched on enough to ask for a CD from stage in front of everybody.

Of course I'm going to give him a free CD. He gets a CD and I get to look like a good guy. His folks stuck some cash in our box, but they needn't have done so, he had me foxed good and proper

Well played sir, well played! 

But wait! They're out to get me lucky charms!

This afternoon an Budgewoi, Harrison was  dancing down the front whilst his parents filmed it. Given that the song was 'come back baby' (little Walters 'hate to see you go') I expected we'd outlast him and voiced such opinion from stage.


Harrison out danced us all and was awarded a CD as well. Bravo sir. I have accepted the gratitude of his parents who will have a nice quiet ride home :-) 

That's Kids 2: Me 0.

Ah the Australian Beer Garden. It's actually a great part of the culture, it's not about the booze (yes that's there) but these days you can't really drink and drive. Pubs bistros and beer gardens are still the place you can go eat, drink, sit with other people and maybe dance to some music, and have the kids with you.

Thanks to Brad and Paul for helping us to try the acoustic 5D stuff. Also thanks to all the Cellar Dwellers that came out to join us.

Jo was with us this weekend (yay), we tested new songs (yay X2) , shared the last few copies of the short run of CD's (the ones with the error in the song order), I drove through the sunshine this afternoon getting to Budgewoi, (yay 4) listening to takes from 5D and I got a Boss parking spot last night.

Yeah you heard me. A top parking spot.

Not the 'best' spot but a darn good one for Coogee.

Frankly at this point I will take whatever victories I can as the kids have got us beat for the rest.

I'm out of CD's. I am going to wind up doing another batch. Maybe. I'll see.

Wow I am ready for my own nap time. Gosh but we're having fun. There are so many songs now we can't fit them all into a set and I'm up for driving them harder.

Mush doggie! Mush! Ya mule ya?

Note to self - maybe next time, if I can a cold, only 1 of the sinus pills, that stuff is strong. I may have been just a little further 'out there' than usual these last two shows.

Also fun.

Nap time now. Night.