A snooze was rightly in order. I was thinking myself lucky to have skipped Sydney's cold & flu season but it got me.

I have a list of jobs to do and the first was a cup of tea and the History Channel. Achoo.

In spite of that, I tried doing a few more jobs, like getting some more CD's made. But really, I have a whole WTF are we doing with physical stuff right now.

We really are in the interregnum, between when Digital takes over altogether and the last vestiges of nice shiny plastic and artwork.

On the plus side, if we get some more cd's made they will be in the song order of correctness.

Does that even matter anymore?

Holy crap we are in a totally quantum place right now, where both the old answer and the new answer are a little right.

We arrive at the most interesting of conclusions, that whilst systems shift, we concentrate on making stuff.

I still have art, layouts and promo stuff to do for Defiance, because if a tree falls in the forest...OMG I AM TURNING INTO ROGER!!!


Patience. Patience.

We are doing many good things, that take time, care, thought. I'd like to play with all the toys all at once. It might be well to smile a little, pause and take our time finishing these good things.

AHAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING. Mr Wizards already bringing me new songs. I think the guys have really started to get into the fact that they are free to chase ideas.

I am working to get a sample out from 5D to show you what I mean.

The great part about this is that it is self regulating. Even with the freedom to do whatever you want, you can only get so much done. 

Even better, since reading Rick's stuff has made me think hard about words, it's encouraged me to wait until someone says something clever I can crib inspiration strikes. Well kind of.



I might have written a little while back, that you learn from what you pay attention to.


I'm fairly sure I stopped taking those cold and flu pills. Maybe not hmmm.

Once again I am reminded that I can fairly say the best words, the work continues. The guys are banking up tunes and melodies. When left to our own devices, we'll keep making things we're interested in, as well as we can, when we can.

So back to the non musical aspects of the work for a few days :-) Then maybe'll i'll get to play with the toys again!