I had my Monday by Thursday. Which is ok, because I've previously had my Monday on a Sunday.

During a good week, Monday starts by Tuesday.

I am spending a lot of time Thoughtfully Not Doing Things. A lot of thought has gone into not-doing. 

There's a list. A long list. We're busy as all GTFO doing paperwork an other items familiar to the #selfpropelledartist (our motto - start walking kid, no one's coming to get ya).

I've also been reviewing a whole bunch of 'WTF' possibilities due to observable changes in the state of the Music System.

Pandora (music streaming service) just left OZ. Kanye's pulled out of Tidal. All music is effectively streamable for free (and easily pirateable). Uh oh.

Welcome to the Voluntary Market - people gotta wanna exchange energies with ya. Uh oh (part the 2nd).

Humans like music, music still good, music and humans will, hopefully remain, systems will change.

This week we have 'not' done things because it's very hard to know which of the things is a useful thing, and how much of it is errant silliness. Most of it, but some sillier than others.

Our focus has been and continues to be, making things. That's as it should be.

Perhaps the best option is to continue to experiment and await further data.

It is puzzling indeed. I shall continue chewing on a twig and looking for tasty tasty termites.