Heh. Remember a few months back when I said that I wasn't cool with making a public list of things we're up to? It was based on some science that said talking about it gives you the same dopamine fix as doing it.

Instead I just listed them as numbers. Well I wasn't kidding and I got a few ticked off recently. 

The EPIC list is the list of things you want to do without having to die to justify doing them! That's right, do fun things and LIVE to talk about it.

Epic List #8 AYAYAYAYAYAY'm learning Flamenco!

Thanks to Rut, I have been learning Flamenco. Holy crap.

I've taken lessons in Opera, Jazz, Blues, I've studied Mongolian throat singing (thanks to Bukhu), and now: Flamenco.

That 3 note triplet run down thing is no joke - they do it in Celtic music, even Bonnie Raitt does it and i am learning it in Spanish. Ouch.

It'll be some time before I dare to try it in public but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!


Epic List #9 - Singing Natural Woman at a Rainbow Bar.

Here's a fun one.

Mr Wizard gives me a hard time because I know the words to Torch Songs that Mum listened to when I was a kid.

I know far too many Carly Simon and Carpenters songs for Mr Wizards sense of Musical Masculinity. He worries what people will think.


Seriously folks. We're A SYDNEY band. Sydney Australia. HELLO? LOL. If you have a problem with how other people manage their personal affairs, may we suggest not going outside. Heh.

C1488177139267 (Custom).jpg

So - once upon a time, at the Blues Jam Night, I did 'natural woman' cos it's a great song and all the dudes totally got into it...until the chorus.

ALL 'you make me feel, you make me feel '

ME 'Like a natural woman'

BLOKES. 'Like a natural..mumble mumble'


That was so much fun I set my mind to arranging a night of doing Torch Songs at a bar that would appreciate them.

My favourite Brazillian Pianist Marco  (say that fast) has been helping me get a set together, and I went scouting for a gig

I found a local Sydney rainbow bar with live music and went along to the Karaoke night and signed up.

20106597_1370463233070749_7569214599670339742_n (Custom).jpg

I must be pushing the limits - even the Hostess for the night, in an immaculate and quite gorgeous outfit asked me 'Is Michael here, is it Michael? You're not doing Natural Woman are you? Are you sure it's not 'michelle'? are you SURE you want to do 'Natural Woman?'

Priceless. Just let that settle in your mind. I'm doing stuff that even Drag Queens find suspect.

That's some Next Level sh-t right there.


They ALL sang along (YAY!!) I got a beer token, praise of my phrasing and a hug from a very friendly bloke.

I'm still going to try for a proper gig. I might have liked it...perhaps...too much (LOL)

There are a bunch of other things on the EPIC list - we've done lots of them this year - recording in the street for 5D, recording in the telescope dome at coonabarrabran. and yet more things await our attention.

If you're not having as much fun as we are, come hang out with us!