Over the course of the last decade, friend-of-the-band Pete D has given us wise words. He strongly suggests a greatest hits album.


I'm still bloody well finishing the work on Defiance, 5D needs more video and recording and will probably now wind up as a stand alone whilst they take the songs electric which means we need studio time for a 10th album then there a tour then there's.....



You know that thing when someone's right but you really don't want to do another job but you kind of realise it's to your own benefit to do so...


The concept has been in the background for a while, but picking your faves is a task that involves a lot of discussion and back and forth.

I think he's right tho'. 

I'm not in a hurry to take on any more jobs right now.

This #selfpropelledartist just wants a Bex and a Lie Down.

You have to be a Aussie of a certain vintage to get that reference...

Bex was the thing for Granny to take for a little bit of pep. Hell I could with some right now.

r0_1_1200_676_w1200_h678_fmax (Custom).jpg

All right, so after we've finished releasing Defiance, whilst we're putting out the Mid West Triptych, finishing 5D and move to the 10th album, we'll also do a 10 Year compilation.

This may require 2 Packets of Bex.