Thanks to Michelle for alerting me, the calendar function I installed a while back is no longer displaying the 'forward show' tab, so you can't see more than 1 month ahead.

Entropy is really all up in this web and the site could do with a solid clean.

This has been a decades worth of blogs and posting, new links, modules, updates, environment changes.

It's a wonder that the bloody thing hasn't gone self aware.

Maybe it has.

Did you ever stop to think that? What if I, your present interlocutor, am in fact, merely a figment in the imagination of the blogging software, gleaned from interactions with hundreds of harmonica players. Maybe I don't even play harmonica, maybe I just think I do! It's Virtual Harp!!!

Ok, so therefore I may or may not exist.

Irrespective of that, before we go to the US is the correct time for me to give the system another solid tweak. If I accidentally delete myself, please reinstall me from the version kept in the Ab Suzuki Pro Harp box, I think that's stable-ish.