The amount of work to be done to get us on the road is potentially overwhelming.

We have to break it up into small steps and then do them one after the other.

Last night it was all hands on deck, into the wee small hours.

For the next while, until we get back, it will be more of the same. Expect some patchy blogging for the next week or so.

This year I am determined to improve our on-the-fly blogging.  FB is pretty good for on-the-go-blogging so I might embed a window in the site to allow it to display content from FB. or maybe I'll work out how to mobile blog here and then link it to FB.

Or maybe neither because I still have to organise posters/logistics what have you.

We choose this thing that we do, it's what makes up our lives, and it's a good life.

There's a heck of a community within and around us and when one of us is feeling sad or overwhelmed, there is a lot of support.

To repeat a phrase I know I've written somewhere here, it's hard to fall when you are held by so many hands.

Work continues. For my part, I'm feeling pretty chipper :-).

Back to work.