Good question. I usually start by consulting key advisors.




By now I would be doing my last minute prep, stocking up on Harmonica's, trading pacific peso's for US Dollars and/or doing/not doing/worrying about not doing the myriad tour things.

But nope.

The release of pressure has been recorded in different ways. A few of the crew are chilling, the rhythm section said 'the hell with that' and they're already working on other things.

Mr Wizard is brooding about it and I am trying to figure out what next.

We've been very fortunate that the venues and festivals have been understanding and have been willing to shift our shows to next year. That's some good vibes right there.

The discipline and effort to make these tours over the last four years has been beneficial. We'll be back at it sooner than we might realise. It's a full years work for us to get it done and we usually start arranging the next tour after we get back.

But why worry about that today.

I have a few weeks off and I'm in the mood to make some more stuff, maybe to add a few more layers to the 5D project. 

I've been trying for a Heavy Weather video for a while. I didn't like version 1, so I have been trying another approach for the last two weeks and struck out again.

This is pretty much normal stuff. A lot of different ideas and approaches don't make it past the research stage. It's fun to try and I don't mind failing, it's part of the system...


As I write, it's winter in Sydney, cool, sunny.

It's one of the things I miss when we're in the US Summer - I may be the only one of us who does. I get a chance to enjoy a little more of that right now. That's fine by me.

We start gigging again in September and don't be too surprised if we use this time to crank out more things. As Friend Of The Band Monte said, this is our De-Tour time :-)